The GEOMAGIA50 database - Index

The GEOMAGIA50 database is now up and running.

The GEOMAGIA50 is a database that comes with a web interface intended to give users easy access to archeomagnetic data. At present, the database contains about 8 000 determinations of geomagnetic field directions and intensities for the past 50 000 years.

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If you use this database and you want to cite it, please use the following references: Geomagia v.2 new interface allows:
  • selecting and saving archeomagnetic data based on various constraints.
  • calculating the ARCH3k.1, CALS3k.3, CALS3k.4, CALS7k.2, and CALS10k.1b global models field at any location and save them as text files. Some explanations about the various models can be found here.
  • plotting data and models in time.
  • visualizing data and models using Google Earth.
The Documents section has manuals on the use and the structure of this database. This manual exaplains how to use the new interface.

The Statistics section shows the activity during the past 30 days

The Logs section has some details about the updates of this site
Updated 23 November 2011